Who We Are

Built out of sheer passion for the entertainment industry, Big M Productions was established in 1962 by the late Mr. D. Mothie. His concepts and visions for South Africa at the time broke cultural barriers as he created the 1st diverse cultural production. Mrs. Mothie was always at the forefront and obtained all the required skills to maintain his legacy. Currently Mr. D. Mothie's son, Rajiv Mothie(C.E.O Big M Prod.) is breaking records and creating new milestones.

Big M Productions

What We Do

We specialize in all your event needs from start to finish. We have designers, editors, dancers, singers, actors, models etc. Explain your event requirements and we will create a quotation to suit your needs. Our ultimate objective is to be the most trusted brand in entertainment with both audience & clients worldwide, producing high caliber Live, T.V & Film Productions.

We also have decided to assist the non profit Youth Film Development Project(YFDP) as our C.S.I Responsibility because we strongly believe in our youth in South Africa.

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

Est. 1969

Central Location

Our head office is based in Durban(South Africa). We are constantly expanding our team & are always looking for talent. We currently have a team in: 1. India(Mumbai) 2. Australia(Perth) 3. China(Ghanzhou) 4. USA(Los Angeles) 5. UAE(Dubai) Feel free to contact us if you have projects in these areas.

Industry Experience

Est 1969. We have worked on massive FILM, TV & LIVE EVENTS. Checkout our Portfolio page for pics & videos.

Star Academy

This concept has been set-up to provide a platform to develop our future stars. We provide job oppurtunites on Film, TV & LIVE Events. Talented instructors from Star Academy assist aspiring talent with not just talent development but also personal development. Join Star Academy to begin your journey to stardom. We are affiliated with several International Arts & Culture Foundations.

Professional Advice

We offer FREE Professional advice to all clients. We are also currently offering a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE. Make your next project special.

Meet Our Team