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Almost every successfully business is using the power of online marketing. Are you benefiting from this highly lucrative audience who are ready to buy from you. We are sure your answer is NO!!! We Specialize in branding YOUR BUSINESS online, while generating you LEADS & SALES. We use the following tried & tested process which is sure to generate results:

Trending Online is a Digital Marketing Company specializing in the following services:
* Create your Website/Blog(Using WordPress – Best for Internet Marketing)
* Provide you with a custom Domain for your business 
* Provide you with a custom Email ID for your business (Emails will be forwarded to your current inbox)
* Setup Social Media Pages for your company with optimized SEO settings to increase organic traffic(Youtube/Facebook/Instagram)
* Constantly update Social Media Pages(Min 6-9 Trending Posts per week) 
* Setup your AutoResponder email list to pre sell your leads
and much more.

We are affiliated to Digital Animation Agency – to provide our clients with high quality videos.

Call or Message us on 082 881 4177 / 061 3018048 or email us on to Learn More and to Chat to one of our trained Social Media Specialist to help you get started.

We are here to set you up for success. See our packages below and click signup to get started now:

special offer

For the Beginner

website design

facebook page setup

instagram page setup

youtube channel setup

constant updates of facebook & blog


per month

most popular

for advanced marketer or company

website design

facebook page setup

instagram page setup

youtube channel setup

constant updates of fb, blog & instagram

autoresponder setup - start building your email lists


per month

ecom store setup

for entrepreneurs

website design

facebook page setup

instagram page setup

youtube channel setup

constant updates of fb, blog & instagram

autoresponder setup - build your email lists

woocommerce & paypal setup


per month


Our plans are above are very simple as you see. We do all the heavy lifting and just give you the results. Therefore once you choose a package we will deliver quality leads for your business with a marketing report identifying how we have marketed your company. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you need high quality buyer traffic for your existing sites.

Once you see profit from the quality of our leads, we will thereafter arrange a discounted monthly deal for your company. All our clients will have a personalised account manager to assist you. You will also get a detailed ad report for every dollar you spend. We have designed this campaign to help more companies utilize the power of the internet without worrying about setup and frustrating coding. Let us do the heavy lifting for you….:)

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